I was brought up in a Christian household in a supposedly Christian country. I wouldn’t say religion was forced upon me, although it was expected that I would go to church, but I questioned at quite an early age what it was that I actually believed and while I do not now regularly attend any church or place of worship, or indeed consider myself a Christian or someone with faith, I have respect for those that do.

One thing which happens when you are a regular church-goer is that you, with a seemingly regular occurrence, are told about ‘teachings of the Bible’ but yet only ever seem to dip in and study a little portion at any one time and then not necessarily in context of any other part. Maybe that’s the way it’s meant to be however for a little while now I’ve felt that perhaps I need to at some point go back to the beginning and read the whole of the Bible from start to finish and see if I can gain more of this context and maybe in the process go on my own journey of discovery.

I will be working from the only Bible I have in the house, which I’ve had from childhood – a Good News. Translations are open to interpretation; this is my interpretation of the interpretations. I don’t claim to be right, I don’t mean to offend, and there certainly may be sections I just don’t understand or put in the ‘right’ context. I may seem to break off at an inopportune point. I may just go off on a tangent. I do want to make it very clear that this is a personal exploration.


You may ask why blog and not just read and keep my thoughts to myself but if you’ve found this blog then maybe you’ll also pause to think about what it is you believe in and why, whether you agree with me or not, and uncover a little of yourself. Ultimately I think that faith is a very personal thing and not something that can be forced upon you. I will aim to post regularly as I work my way through but not regimentally.