Hosea and Joel

Is it the Lord or Israel that is being worshipped?  It seems to me that Israel is being held up as an idol but yet idolatry of anything other than the Lord is wrong and criticized.  For someone who does not think they idolise anything or anyone, it is a strange concept to understand how other people do.  Yes, I do admire some people and what they have achieved but I do not worship them; at least I do not think I do.  I gain inspiration from them and their achievements give me hope that there is good in the world but I do not venerate them although they do have my respect.

And the expectation that the offering of food should be made, that food is something other than to satisfy people’s hunger is so wasteful and just wrong.  In the world today, where many people do not have access to enough food to eat when there should be plenty to go round how can the wanton waste of food be condoned?


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