‘Daniel was a man of prayer’ or so the song goes.  Daniel was also, like Joseph, an interpreter of dreams.  He also quite frankly sounds like he was on something and hallucinating, his mind disturbed.  And then we get to the end of the world, a subject which has enthralled a variety of people not just those of faith over time.  I feel I have failed to see what anyone is meant to take from the book of Daniel.

Possibly one day the world, i.e. the planet Earth, will no longer exist but that will not be down to any God.  The world as we know it will certainly end much sooner through what we are doing to the planet and each other whether in the name of any God or not.  It seems we have always been on the course of self-destruction and not preservation, but then that is partly in our genes – survival of the fittest and all that: each out for themselves and preserving their way of life I guess regardless of the effects on others.  However, we do have a capacity for love, empathy, and generosity.  It is just a pity that it takes an atrocity for this to be the headline rather than just being part of the mundane everyday background.


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