I did not mean to read and post on Ezekiel in one sitting but there seemed no point in doing otherwise once I started reading.  Is Ezekiel a false prophet?  He certainly seems to hallucinate, and the book does not follow chronologically although does refer back to events previously read a lot earlier in the Old Testament (in particular Exodus ad Leviticus).  A fair amount of superstition also seems to permeate the Lord’s words as spoken to Ezekiel here which makes me even more disbelieving.  What is there for me to respect?  Where is the impetus for me to follow?

No wonder in today’s world people are still following ideology they do not fully understand and have never thought to question and analyse for themselves.  These more unpalatable parts of the Bible are not so widely publicised.  There are also too many places in my Bible in which there are notes at the bottom of the page to say that the Hebrew is unclear.  If the translators were unsure of the translation, how can we know it is right?  And therefore that the meaning has not been taken wrongly?  ‘We will soon be building houses again’ is very different from ‘We won’t be building houses for a while’.  And would we ever truly understand what others have written in the way they intended anyway?


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