Lamentations does indeed read like a lament – is this where the word originates from?

It was interesting that a conversation evolved in my workplace today with a colleague voicing their query that they did not understand why the country in which we live is described as a Christian country when the majority of people living in it do not practice a Christian faith of any kind.  I did voice my opinion that it is because many of our values and indeed laws are based on the Christian teachings.  Through my reading of the Bible this has become apparent enough but, as my opening sentence, so much of our lives and language seems to be ingrained from such a long time ago and I am not sure that I necessarily agree with all this.  Should we not have evolved more by now for the better?  Technology may have developed at a rapid pace but our capacity for thought has not necessarily done so and certainly not at anywhere near the same pace.  This may well be a personal lament.


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