Jeremiah 12-25

I often despair of the world we live in today but if the Bible is to be believed then perhaps it could be much worse.  And yet for many it is a lot worse than it is for me in today’s world and I do not think this is because any God thinks the people concerned have sinned or are evil.  It is others who are perpetrating sin and evil again them, and what gives these people this right?  That they are more numerous or can shout louder?

I am also still intrigued by how anyone comes to believe in and follow any God at all.  For all anyone can be nurtured by a parent or parental figure and so influenced by them, or come to think that the environment around them is the ‘normal’ and the way things should be, how does the belief that there is a God which should be followed develop to the point where it is unquestionably truth in an individual’s mind?  I am trying and failing at the moment to think of anything else that is accepted as truth or being there without physical evidence: Even electricity which cannot be seen is so obviously there as it allows machines to work (if it did not they would just be metallic and plastic sculptures or ornaments with no purpose), and gravity must be there as you can keep travelling on this planet in the same direction and finally find yourself back where you started without falling off or floating away into space.


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