Jeremiah 1-11

Hypocrisy.  I know I have touched on this before and thought I would not face it again until I reached the new testament but that is not to be the way of things.  Who is the hypocrite: Anyone who celebrates Christmas with all its supposed traditions but never steps foot in a place of worship, or me who would say I have no faith but will attend a church at Christmas although that will probably be the only time in the year?  And the more I read the more I am finding no basis for any faith I may have which is based on the Bible.  How do I reconcile myself at Christmas when I am with family members who do have a Christian faith, and so will worship as part of their celebration?

It is not that I worship any other gods, or have any idols, and I do not feel that my life is lacking anything because of that.  I acknowledge that I do need to take time to remove from the stresses of everyday life now and again but I do not feel the need to do this within a religious setting.  I am intrigued and in some ways in awe of those who do have this need and are able to fulfil it seemingly unquestioningly.  We are all different but how is it I have come to this conclusion and am still trying to come to conclusions while someone else with an almost identical life experience to me could have come to completely different conclusions?


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