Isaiah 36-66

Doesn’t nearly everyone at some point or another dare to say to their parents, ‘Why did you make me like this?’ or similar, usually during our teenage angst.  After all without our parents (biological that is), none of us would be here.  But equally, how much of what we are comes not from biology but the way we are brought or, in some cases, dragged up?  We all have different influences, not just from people who have carried out the parenting role in our lives, but ultimately what dictates what we take on and what we discard from these influences?

In certain ways, I believe you can probably tell I am my parents’ child, and yet in others I have gone in completely my own way.  People sometimes ask where certain traits have come from which they cannot see in either of my parents, and I cannot give an answer – it’s just something I am or feel compelled to do.  We are all individuals after all.  Who is to say whether my moral compass is down to them or something I would have had anyway?  One thing I know they have been unable to influence, not that I ever felt under any force, is my faith or lack thereof.  In fact, if I had felt forced I am sure I would have forsaken it completely rather than trying to investigate, find out more for myself, and think things through, including undertaking this current journey.


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