Isaiah 13-35

We are all doomed.  The planet is alive and dynamic as is its relationship with the sun.  Whether we believe in the Lord or not, we are unable to control this however we can do small things to stop its destruction.  It distresses me to see rubbish, particularly plastic in all its manmade forms, discarded by the sides of roads and on beaches causing harm to our environment and wildlife – God’s creatures.  Why do some people care so little for the environment in which they live?  Do they think that miraculously someone or something will put everything right for them?  And if they don’t care for themselves, how have they come to a place in life where they care so little for others?

Whether we have a partner, children of our own, close friends, or not, I would like to think that there are very few unfortunate souls in the world who have absolutely no-one whom they love and care about.  Even if only just one person, it surely doesn’t take much to just think how would my action affect this person if aimed at them?  Do we not want what is best for those we love?  Our definitions of what is best might be different but should surely all mean a lack of harm.  And therein lies a problem, that too many people seem to be all too willing to harm others in whatever way that may be.


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