Isaiah 1-12

I am confused by Isaiah already.  The Lord seems very fickle in what he wants from his people, and are the punishments he hands out really necessary?  What is to be respected here?  What makes the Lord any different from any dictator in the world today?  It seems to be a lesson of destruction – of people and the land.  Despite the promise of peace I see no indication of how this can be achieved and quite frankly the words indicating it will follow are very unrealistic – that naturally predatory animals would lie down in peace with those they would usually attack!  The Lord may be powerful but I do not believe that he cannot control the natural world, cases of this kind happen so very rarely.

I really do despair of the way of the world and the seeming need for people to harm others and exert control over them.  Reading the Bible, perhaps it is no surprise that some people take this message and seem to think it is fine to do this, more than fine, and that it is their right to do so.  The peace message in the Bible has been so small so far that you could miss it, and why would you delve to find this when the overwhelming message seems to be the opposite?  To dwell on it too much is just downright depressing but then that it the way the words come across to me.  Instead I will need to find joy in the sun shining, good food, an enthralling book, and kind deeds.


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