Ignoring the misogynistic aberration part way through, that comes upon you without warning, like Proverbs I can find a lot of wisdom and things to agree with here.  Indeed, what is the point of our life?  All that we do with the life we are given is such a small moment in time that will be forgotten and all trace of which will disappear in time.  Whatever we do with our lives, they will all end the same way – with death whenever that may come.  In the meantime, all we can do is follow our hearts desires, enjoy what we have, and here I may deviate from the message of Ecclesiates but I believe that we should try to be happy – it certainly will help with our physical health as well as our mental wellbeing.

Minimalism seems to be an ‘in thing’ at the moment.  It has struck me for a long time that we have far more possessions now than is necessary and which people have ever had in the past, and do they make us happy?  I have been on a mission to cut down on the amount of ‘stuff’ I have and am making progress, albeit slowly.  The rule is that less which is not consumable is allowed into the household than that which leaves by whatever means – mainly by being donated to charity (for other people to accumulate!).  I’m discovering things I never knew I had (and therefore clearly do not need), and then there are things I have owned for years and just held on for no particular reason.

Happiness for me comes from experiences and interactions with the environment and others, not from possessions.  Although I should qualify that there are certain books that make me smile whilst reading or whose words contribute to my sense of wellbeing.  And a less cluttered house will hopefully contribute to a less cluttered mind.


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