One of the most readable books of the Bible I have encountered so far.  ‘If you answer a silly question, you are just as silly as the person who asked it.’  One of the wisdoms delivered, not that I find all the proverbs to be wisdom and downright disagree with quite a few.  I find it interesting that in the main, the book of Proverbs seems to be aimed towards young men but yet starts and ends with a feminine tone, and in particular ‘wisdom’ is defined as a feminine object.  So where does that leave the Lord, masculine as far as has been referred to up to this point?

Masculinity / femininity are interesting concepts.  What are masculine and feminine traits and roles, and who decides these anyway?  Just because the majority are a certain way or do a certain thing, does not mean it is necessarily right and that everyone should be expected to be this way or act in the same way as everyone else.  Are we not all really just a mixed up combination of traits and thoughts – individuals and all valid in our own right.  Why should we have to be defined as any one thing?  Does it make those who do categorise more comfortable and feel they have knowledge and power?  Or, in the spirit of Proverbs, are they just fools and lacking wisdom?


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