A book of prayers and songs, a few of which are familiar from worship I have been party to but mostly not and quite a lot of repetition amongst them.  Mostly those of David strike me that he is like a child whining about things not being good for him and praying for the Lord’s help.  Hypocrisy also strikes me in the belief that the Lord helps the poor and needy to become prosperous but yet those who go after riches are evil.  And I find it very odd in Psalm 133 for David to compare the wonderment of God’s people living together in harmony to anointing oil running down from Aaron’s head and beard to the collar of his robes – this is not something I personally can think of as a wonderful thought, even if it was on someone I loved or admired.

Psalm 144 alarms me in that part of it calls for the Lord to save the author or reader from the power of foreigners who never tell the truth.  For someone whose idea of utopia would be no borders and no need for a passport, and who does not believe that people can be categorised solely by the country in which they find they were born, this is just wrong.

Finally, I would like to comment on Psalm 101.  Coincidentally, it’s almost like a room 101 moment.  I would like to believe that the same could be said whether a person is faithful to the Lord, or any God, or none at all – not tolerating evil, not being dishonest, not tolerating those who are proud and arrogant, not whispering evil things about someone else, not being in the presence of a hypocrite.  Doesn’t this sound rather like a good way of living for anyone, whether or faith or not.  When we have just had Easter as well, it is has made me question why so many people in the world feel they need a faith and belief in a God, and whether I actually do.  I’m still working on the answer to that one.


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