I am probably missing the point but I do not understand how the Lord allows himself to be manipulated by Satan into punishing and testing Job in the first place.  And given what Satan gives Job to deal with, it is any wonder that Job doubts the Lord in whom he has shown faith while times were good.  The Lord seems to just be pulling the strings for the fun of it and where is the respect to be earned from that?  I personally do not think it is sport to watch someone suffer.

Everyone has a certain amount of power to control their own lives and actions but there are always those who will exert some force about which an individual can do absolutely nothing to overcome no matter how hard they fight it.  We can try to live our lives in the most moral way we can but none of us are free from the control of others to differing degrees depending on where we live, and no matter how much we may disagree with the control exerted over us.  We can all only do the best that it is within our control to do.  That our seemingly lack of influence can sometimes lead us to despair should surely be forgiven and understood by others in whom we alliance ourselves whether family or friends.

And as I know I have stated before, it can not be that simple that you are punished for sinning but blessed for doing right.  In today’s world I see very little evidence of this in the lives of ordinary people.


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