2 Chronicles

Part 2 in summarising (and occasionally embellishing) what has come before.  Did it make any difference to the way I felt about it before being told from a different viewpoint?  I’m not sure that it did.  I’m also not sure that I could say which was the easier to read – 1 and 2 Kings for some parts, 2 Chronicles for others.  If I was the author of this part I would probably be looking to cut and paste from both while adding my own take on it.

I don’t know if ‘troubles’ is the right word but it troubles me still that the ‘moral’ seems to be that the Lord rewards faith and obedience to him, and punishes non-belief and worship of him.  It really cannot be so simple: disease and death for those who do not worship him, wealth and a healthy long life for those that do.  Plenty of people who do have faith and worship the Lord get ill and die too young, and plenty of people live long fulfilling lives who have no faith at all.

And there is the contradiction: the Lord stated that children would not be punished for the crimes of their parents and parents would be not be punished for the crimes of their children but yet what does the Lord do but exactly this by punishing future generations for the sins of the current generation, although to be fair this happens time and time again and on the whole the current generation are also sinning against him, or at least not worshiping him.  Any other ‘sins’ they may be committing are not always stipulated.  Do as I say rather than as I do? – not if respect is required.


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