1 Chronicles

A summary of what has come before and not more interesting for it to be honest.  It’s like the summary notes when you are studying for an exam, and playing spotting the difference – some names are different, embellishments made on events already described and other subtle differences but essentially the same story told in summary.  To me, it reads more like a campaign log glorifying in battles won and as we have already established if you have read any of this blog previously I am very much a pacifist and abhor violence and war.

Again I am struck by how so many people in the world follow a God who seems to perpetuate so much violence and mistreatment of other people.  It leads me to also wonder about the accident of the place of our birth pretty much determining our religion and faith, or lack of.  I have commented in the past that I consider myself lucky to be born and live in a country where I am free to think and voice these opinions but what if I had been born and raised elsewhere – would I have different thoughts or similar, whether I was free to voice them or not?


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