2 Kings 14-25

Finally some exceptions in the Kings not following the commands of the Lord.  Firstly Hezekiah, and then more notably Josiah although there is no reward as such from the Lord for his acts even though the Lord is pleased with him.  Instead we end up back where we started with all the Israelites back in Egypt.  So what have all the events to this point been for?  It is easy to see how the Lord would lose heart if people continued to disobey his commands but you could then argue what is the point in following his commands if the end result is the same.

That then leads back to the question of how you can actually make anyone believe in anything, or follow certain practices, and whether it is right to try to do so in the first place.  And what makes us believe certain things as ‘true’ but dismiss others?  Just because someone believes something else does not mean it is not correct even if we do not have the same point of view.  And why this need for a majority of people in the world to worship some form of God at all?  What is it that this worship adds to our lives and wellbeing that make ourselves feel more fulfilled or improves our feeling of self-worth?



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