2 Kings 1-13

Kings seem to come and go over centuries and make the same mistakes time and time again, never learning from their predecessors, and then there is a prophet, Elisha, who I will admit I can not recall hearing of before, who is altogether someone more worthy of admiration and shows more dedication to following the Lord.  ‘Miracles’ he performs seem similar in many ways to those attributed to Jesus: feeding many from little food; bringing the dead back to life.  Also, his foretelling of the future, and the fact that some choose to listen to his words while others doubt.  And yet, he to my experience of faith, does not get the same acclaim or notoriety as others.

Perhaps this is an illustration that a leader of people appears to also not be capable of being a leader of faith too and vice versa – the separation of state and religion which has been an ongoing battle throughout time and countries.  Religion obviously serves a purpose in our world whether an individual has faith and follows a particular religion, or not, but I cannot see how a particular religion can also be so defined as to lie within a particular country’s boundaries without diffusion.  That just does not seem a very natural state to me but then neither in many ways do borders anyway.

I’m hoping that I will not forget Elisha as I journey on.


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