2 Samuel 19-24

There is something about David that you kind of marvel at in that his view of himself is so high but also contradictory.  In his Song of Victory he sings of obeying the laws and commands of the Lord and being rewarded for this and being faultless, but then invites punishment at times for doing wrong.  Can anyone be faultless?  Maybe I am starting from a low expectation of people but I see everyone as flawed in some way, including myself.  I feel I should point out that this does not mean I have low self-esteem as such, just that I recognise I have weaknesses or things I wish I could change that I seem unable to do anything about.  And even if they are not weaknesses as such, I would seriously question that anyone is or could be ‘perfect’.  I know that I have touched on this in a previous post (1 Samuel 8-15) but it seems that many subjects come up time and time again, repetition perhaps enforcing the point – whatever that may be.

And on that note, I will admit that I am not much into history, and am a pacifist, so all this talk of battles and famous soldiers does not impress me, in fact it abhors me.  I cannot find any justifiable reason for killing anyone, again a subject I know I have touched on before.  I have a feeling that the books of Kings are going to be more of the same.


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