2 Samuel 11-18

I came across the following article online yesterday.


Given the life of David which has been covered in the second book of Samuel I am reading right now, it seemed all too easy to me that someone could believe they are a prophet and behave in this way: taking many wives; having many children but having very little to do with them; giving orders for people to be killed; keeping on the move.  And all in the name of the Lord.  Yes, I think it is wrong and cannot comprehend how someone not born into this could willingly choose to join such a group (I’m reluctant to call it a cult for reasons I am not too sure I can voice) but where we are always looking for proof or evidence to substantiate things I can see how someone could use David’s life in the Bible to back up a similar claim.

And yet punishment is meted out for wrongs carried out but still they occur – obviously the punishment for rape, murder, manslaughter is not deterrent enough not to do it, just as the deterrent these days is not enough to stop someone carrying out these crimes against humanity.

One of my goals of starting this blog was to explore my faith, or what faith, if any, I have.  There is a long way to go but I am starting to think that any faith I may have cannot have any basis on the Bible.  So far, I am finding very little that is positive to take from it.  And there is a niggling feeling that I am disappointed by this which is perhaps not what I expected.  And there are still the inconsistencies that bug me such as Absalom having three sons and a daughter but then later having no son to keep his name alive, so what can I actually take from any part of the Bible anyway when we have these contradictions.  Like any written work, each individual will take from it what they will.


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