2 Samuel 1-10

David is a contradictory character that I’m having trouble respecting.  On the one hand he is portrayed as loyal, loving, kind and even peaceful.  On the other hand, he seems to kill and harm for fun, has numerous children by numerous different mothers, and gives a prominent job to someone he also punishes for murdering someone.  And like just about everyone else who has come before he suffers from his own doubts of faith.  Not that kings and leaders are exempt from doubts about their faith, David is certainly not alone in that regard, but I wonder what this tells us about our leaders in general and maybe we expect too much from them, including from the Lord himself.

I was lucky enough to holiday in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was president.  It struck me very poignantly at the time, that much as he was held in reverence, it would have been very unlikely that he would ever have been elected a leader in my country given his past history.  That humans can change and develop is not an easy thing to overcome or be forgiven by the press, and they carry such influence on the general public very few of whom seem to delve and think deeper than the headlines and what they are presented with.  Sometimes the ‘facts’ we are given are not that at all and much like this blog just one person’s opinion and only ever tell us what they think is important meaning some salient omissions.


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