1 Samuel 25-31

This notion that it is better, or nobler or more valiant, to die at one’s own hand than that of another is alien to me.  I cannot imagine a situation when I could be compelled into doing that and taking my own life even if I knew that if I did not then someone else would.  I know I have lived a charmed life but still…  I can understand the notion of controlling your own death though medication when the inevitable is going to happen anyway but to actually inflict hurt upon yourself through stabbing yourself, or since the invention of guns and explosives to shoot oneself, when it is never going to be certain that you would die anyway at the hands of another, is just something I cannot comprehend.

What goes through someone’s mind so they can tolerate doing that to themselves?  Maybe I am wrong but I would say that it would take an untold amount of mental strength, not that I am in admiration of it.  Most people in their right mind do not want to suffer but maybe we are back to control and power again.  If you are in control of your own destiny then it is you has the power over someone else and that seems to be a very human thing that none of us are exempt from in one way or another.


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