1 Samuel 16-24

We all think we know the story of David and Goliath, and how is it that this ‘legend’ has become so universally known?  But is the story of David and Jonathan perhaps the greatest love story never told?  I am not suggesting that their love was consummated, but then who knows what has been lost in translation, but in the context of living today perhaps the unsaid could be taken as this.  But even if not, the level of love and loyalty shown between the two men whose lives cross quite by chance has to be admired when so far we have met so much distrust and destruction and a seemingly complete disregard for anyone else’s life.

And is it true that ‘evil is done only by evil men’?  Do ‘evil men’ exist?  Yes, human beings (men and women) do truly terrible things and I often pause to wonder what was going through their mind to make them think of doing such a thing in the first place, never mind then following through with that thought without any conscious thought of how wrong that would be, or if they do have that thought it certainly is not strong enough to stop them.  But is someone truly and wholly ‘evil’?  And if so, is there something that makes them that way, or are they unlucky enough to be born that way and it is the burden they are pre-destined to carry for life?  I realise these questions are rhetorical and I don’t suppose I will ever find satisfactory answers to them no matter what I read or who I talk to.


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