1 Samuel 8-15

Man is flawed and so it seems is the Lord.  Admitting and owning up to our mistakes is the hardest part, and those who do are to be commended.  Yet perfection is expected and strived for, and very rarely achieved.  And in whose eyes is this perfection anyway?  Why are we all so judgemental?  We are all judged on our actions, or our inaction, just as we judge others.  But would we really want everyone in the world to be the same as us? – I certainly would not.  I may see flaws in others, disagree strongly with them and judge them, but equally I recognise that I have my own flaws and while I may think that the world might be a better place if some certain people thought more like me, it also may not.  I will just never know, the possibilities would be endless, and who knows what the butterfly effect would bring about.

Just as admitting to our own mistakes is hard, it also takes effort and courage to carry on believing, and loving and forgiving people for their flaws.  None of us, not even the Lord, is perfect and nor will we ever be.


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