1 Samuel 1-7

More of the same in that people disobey the Lord and are punished for it; others follow the Lord’s commands and are rewarded with the Lord’s blessing.

What I did pick up on from a literary point of view though is the unexplained, the things left out, and the things only explained at a later date – and this is meant to be a book of great literature!  Yes, in a work of fiction you do not want to reveal everything too soon but as a reader you do not want to be confused.  The same should surely go for the Bible – part work of fiction, part historical, part reference, part whatever else I am yet to discover.  As a reader you do not want to be confused whatever it is you are reading.  So why do we not initially find out why the Philistines made five gold mice to go with five gold models of tumours until too late.

And maybe it is not so important but Hannah goes on to have other children after Samuel but no further mention, not even their names.  Names have always intrigued me – it is what marks us each as an individual although there was a time back in history when the options used were nowhere near as numerous as now.  In some countries, the choice is still limited and maybe there is no bad thing in this given what some people are initially saddled with but then you do not have to use or even keep the name you are given at birth, and this precedence goes back to the Bible too.


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