What a relief after Judges!  Peace and goodwill.  I am intrigued by Ruth’s sense of loyalty to the family she has married into, not that she is showing disloyalty to the one she has come from.  This loyalty seems to be very instinctive.  As is the respect that she shows for her mother-in-law.

That some people feel this and some people do not: how does that happen?  And how is it that we feel loyalty to one particular person but not to someone else?  Is it about respecting that person, or a sense of duty?  And is this something instinctive inside some of us, or something that is nurtured or gained from our upbringing and surroundings?

Too many questions to which there is probably no one answer.  We are all individuals after all, although some of us more individual than others.

If anything is to be actually learnt as such here it is almost a ‘Good Samaritan’ tale (although I am still a long way from that).  If you are good to others, then you will be blessed.  But then that seems to me to be generally the case even if you have no faith at all although people will not always acknowledge it.


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