Judges 13-16

I am clearly missing the point of the story of Samson.  Having taken some time to think about it and let it stew around in my mind, I’m still struggling to find the reason for it and what teaching it is meant to convey to the reader whether I personally would take anything from it or not.  It seems to be a confused narrative of a troubled man.  There are many troubled people in the world who are compelled to carry out acts that others of us find it very hard to contemplate.  And yet we are not in their minds.  How can anyone truly know and understand the intricacies of what goes on in someone else’s mind and how they are feeling?

My grandmother had a saying that went something like ‘everyone is strange except you and I, and even you are a little strange’.  How true this is but then she was a wise woman; a woman who had a faith at that, and always saw the positives and the best in people even if they were a little strange!  Maybe that is my lesson but then I already know that I am perhaps more than a little strange to everyone else.


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