Judges 6-12

It seems that there is always a bargain to be made in believing in the Lord – in both directions.  If a person shows obedience to the Lord, the Lord will ensure that person succeeds.  If the Lord does something that a person could not possibly do themselves, then someone will believe.  Where is the faith?  The meaning of faith to me has always been tied into I guess having a ‘blind’ faith in that no proof is needed – you just believe.  Yet I am finding very little of this here and that surprises me.

Other surprises thrown up also include a human sacrifice – by Jephthah of his daughter, in thanks to the Lord for his victory.  This appalls me: the sacrifice of the life of another person – what gives anyone this right?  How is this any different from murder?

In nativity plays all over the world, I would hazard a guess that the angels are always depicted by girls and yet the Bible’s angels, so far anyway, seem to be men.  Can you image the uproar that some would make if all angels in a nativity were depicted by boys?  Equally, given the times and all that has gone before all leaders are assumed to be men, and yet earlier in Judges we have first mention of a female leader in Deborah.  And still there are faiths in the world who use the Bible for their teachings but will not entertain women in leadership roles.

It is always going to be the case with any words that people will take their own meaning from them and together their previous assumptions take that as the ‘truth’, just as I am taking my own interpretations and challenging my own assumptions through my own reading.


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