Joshua 14-24

The need to possess land, belongings and even people is so ingrained in human nature that it is something we are still grappling with today, and no doubt will for time memorial.  That the lands of Israel were seemingly so easily allocated once conquered, and that there seems to be no jealously or coveting of the land allocated to others, seems at odds with all that had taken place before including driving out those that were living there initially.  Maybe we could learn a lesson from this however very few seem to have done: history has told us this.

Maybe the need to possess gives us some sense of security but it is a very insular way of looking at things.  I may own my own home (well with the help of a bank) and all within it, but I certainly have no sense of the country in which I happen to live being MY country – I rather view it as an accident of birth and life; a fortunate one in my case to be living in a relatively peaceful, prosperous and liberal one where people of multi-faiths and none co-exist.  And I feel we are better for this than not associating with people who follow other Gods: that is certainly one lesson I deliberately will not learn from the Bible, whatever else I may, but has been voiced here in Joshua and previously.


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