Joshua 1-5

I know I said posts would not be regular but I never expected there to be such a long break between posts.  However, life happens and intentions can become not so important and overtaken by other events.  Nevertheless, being a stubborn person by nature and someone who once they have started something has to finish it, I have every intention of continuing through to the end.

It strikes me early on in Joshua that this isn’t necessarily written in a free-flowing way.  Events seem to be written a little out of sequence causing momentary puzzlement.  And then there are the contradictions of what has gone before: the tribes promising to obey Joshua just as they always obeyed Moses – not!  This is why Moses was not leading them into Israel and they have been wandering the desert for forty years while all those led out of Egypt died.  We can also tell in the best storytelling tradition that this disobedience is only going to continue in some form.  Also, why have no boys been circumcised since they left Egypt when the Lord commanded to Abraham that this should be done when every baby boy is eight days old back in Genesis?  The Lord told Abraham he would no longer consider boys who were not circumcised one of this people but yet Joshua and all those male members of the twelve tribes must be considered by the Lord to be his people to be able to enter Israel.