Deuteronomy 26-34

Well, in one sense, here we come to the nub of it and the Lord’s teachings: That is to say his commands and laws, and what will happen if any of his people fail to follow these.  This was part of the original aim of mine in starting to read the Bible from start to finish (and blog about it), namely to discover the teachings of the Bible.  It strikes me as instruction on how to live and while I can agree wholeheartedly with some of the principles which have been picked up by religions and leaders around the world, I can’t agree with some at all.

It also strikes me that the Lord is basically a bully.  Maybe it’s just the translation I’m reading but the descriptions of what will happen to people who fail to follow his commands seem to show the Lord revelling in all the curses he will rain down in order to destroy them.  It is almost as if this is what he wants to do rather than have people who obey all his commands.  And then we have the fact that it is do as he says, or else you will be sorry.  In effect the teachings of the Bible thus far appear to me to have been follow what I say to the letter or else punishment will follow.  That in effect could be any dictator which I know is a strong thing to say.   Where is the merciful Lord?  Hopefully he will become clear as I read on in the journey – both mine and the people of Israel’s.


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