Deuteronomy 15-25

We all live by laws and commands that are not of our own making, although there are those out there that disobey some of these and no doubt I probably have in my life too but nothing so major as to be against a law in any country in which I have lived in or visited.  And then we have the ideals or methods and morals of our own making by which we live, in effect our own way of life.  I don’t know why it has taken me this long to come to the conclusion that all the Lord’s commands passed on through Moses are in effect dictating an all-encompassing way of life.  And while that might seem very restrictive to me and my way of life, in one way it really is not very different at all and just another variation in a different time.  Maybe there are people out there that still live this to the letter – I can’t imagine so and I would like to hope not but that is not to say it would be wrong to do so

In this section there is the first mention that I can recall of a King of Israel.  While there may be Kings of Israel in the Bible, the Israel we know of today does not have one, although I understand there have been those who have thought of claiming the title.  It is just an observation I have made, and I know I am ignorant of all of the history but it just make me wonder why certain parts of the nation of Israel as described in the Bible have been adopted as true and others have fallen by the wayside.


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