Deuteronomy 9-14

With reference to the last post, whilst the Lord acknowledges there are other gods, I now notice that, in this translation anyway, he claims to be superior to all other gods and powers.  And on the subject of using the pronoun ‘he’ – this is the first time I’ve noticed it being used and so have used it myself.  Whilst it may have been assumed this would be the correct pronoun to use given the times it was written in and the mercilessness despite claims the Lord is merciful, which I’ve seen little sign of so far, it has not been a given.  Mind you if the Bible was written today, the same would still apply.

We are given a different perspective on giving a tenth of all produced to the Lord: if someone is unable to physically transport a tenth of all produced to the worship place then they are instructed to sell the produce and use the money to buy whatever is wanted once at the place of worship.  This seems to me a more progressive way to go, and more relevant to today when I have heard of the giving of a tenth in connection with giving a tenth of your income to the church to which you go to worship and/or charities.


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