Deuteronomy 1-8

Basically this is a review of what has already been covered in Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers (and I believe will continue to be so for the remainder of the book) but two things have struck me nevertheless.  I guess when you read the same thing put a different way, you can gain something different from it – a different perspective if you like.

Firstly, that the Lord is acknowledging that there are other gods for other people who are not the people of Israel to worship.  The Lord is not claiming to conquer the whole world and be the god for all people, only those he has rescued and their descendants.  And yet, despite this and the commandment that people should not commit murder the Lord orders them to kill all those who ‘occupy’ the land ‘given’ to them.

Secondly, that the Lord will protect his people from sickness – if they follow all his commandments.  This statement seems to me to be very dangerous.  The implication being that if you are sick it is a punishment for not following all the Lord’s commandments.  I have no doubt that there are some people who believe this.  However I cannot believe this.  Sickness is not a punishment, it just happens that bodies go wrong or we pick up infections through no fault of our own.


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