Numbers 25-36

I am aware that I am at risk of constantly repeating myself.  There is repetition within the Bible and I seem to just take the same things from the sections where this happens.  What I have not really addressed yet though, because I was not sure how to approach it, is the inequality between men and women that is still perpetuated every day.  Yes, there are differences in the physical make-up of the sexes: men are generally physically stronger, women carry and give birth to the next generation.  And while there have been studies into the make-up of brains there is still no difference in intellectual capacity.  Why by an accident of genetics should men have the right to make decisions on behalf of women?  This is in effect slavery and we are back to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights again where all human beings are NOT born equal.  It saddens and angers me that there are both men and women in the world who think this is OK and the way it should be, the women particularly who think they are insuperior and should be subservient to men, and the fact that religion is used to perpetuate this.

I have never really had much of an interest in history.  While I am intrigued about how some things have come about, if you have read previous posts you will not be surprised to learn that battles, wars, those in power, have held no interest for me.  However, the geography and geology of the land on earth is another matter.  Whilst reading this section I did not have access to maps but it will be interesting to look with reference to the description of borders of the land the Lord ‘gave’ to his people and as to whether this can be identified with the Israel we know today.  Is this just another decision made by someone arbitrarily?  And you still have to deal with the displacement of people from what they had considered ‘their’ land, and what was most definitely their home.


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