Numbers 20-24

The seemingly merciless acts of the Lord continue for anyone who doubts or does not follow commands to the letter.  The events described in this section also strike me as not so different to what is happening in the world, the Middle East in particular, right now.  Is this the lesson to be learned – that it is fine to kill on the command of a deity, just as long as it’s the right one that is?  And who is to say which is the right one?  It’s certainly one I can’t agree with and a lesson I will never learn.  And if this is not the lesson, what exactly is the teaching here?  Maybe something will become clearer as I read on.

It is perhaps poignant that I’m writing this on Remembrance Sunday.  It is not something I choose to participate in and I am obviously at odds with many millions of people on that.  Why is there so much hatred and anger in the world?  And why does this turn to violence?  After all that is what any fighting is, whatever name it is done in.  How can you be given a commandment not to kill another person and this is wrong but yet be told to kill those who are against your beliefs and this is right?  Do only as I say and not as I do springs to mind and I can’t respect that.


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