Numbers 15-19

That ‘foreigners’ are expected to abide by the same laws and regulations as those they are living amongst is not something we question and has been constant throughout time.  If people have made a choice to live where certain laws and regulations are applied then that should be expected.  In the same way, when we visit another place for a holiday, again the same applies.  I can see that there will be conflict where someone is forced from their home and finds themselves in a place that is not of their own choosing though.

Again we come up against people questioning what they are asked to do and punishment which, for me, seems to be disproportionate to this.  To question and be put to death is not something we expect in today’s world, and yet (with reference to the last post) it is something that does still happen in parts of the world and for which I can find no defence.

And finally, the giving of a tenth of all that is received.  I even came across this in a modern setting only in the last week where I was not in any way expecting it to – with regard to a residuary gift to a charity when making a will.  It’s clear the Bible contains laws for living and following the Lord but every country in the world has their own set of laws to abide by and although, as stated in the Introduction to this blog, I live in a supposedly Christian country and no doubt some laws do date back so far that they will have some reference to some in the Bible, I have thought that religion and the law should be two entirely separate things.  Given that should you find yourself picked as a jury member in court the default option is to swear your oath on the Bible, this is probably a touch of naivety on my part.



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