Numbers 10-14

Why should we not question?  Why are we not permitted to have views of our own?  Given the nature of the journey I find myself on with my aim to read the Bible from start to finish, it seems that I am going against the Lord in this regard from this and previous sections and wonder what my punishment is to be.

I realise I am lucky to live in a country where I am relatively free to live my life as I see fit and to express my views however I take issue with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  While a lovely ideal, article 1 gets us off on the wrong foot immediately – all humans are NOT born free and equal in dignity and rights.  And while Article 19 is met for me there are millions of people who are not so fortunate to be given this right and would be unable to do what I am right now – and that is to publish their views for anyone to see without fear of ‘punishment’ of any kind.


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