Numbers 1-4

The first census numbers are too rounded for my liking to be taken as true but the sheer scale of the numbers themselves are staggering: That this many people were basically on the move and camping out in the desert, and that is without women and children, but yet creating some kind of order and community.  You look at displaced people and migrants on the move today and even though it is sometimes said to be on a biblical scale the totals may be biblical but not they are not all in one place and with such order as is described here in the Bible.  I have an idea from sports stadia what 50,000 or so people would look like congregated in one place but cannot comprehend this amount of people which would dwarf the population of the town where I live and even the population of my nearest city.  Even if I think of the bigger cities I have visited, the scale and logistics of getting from one part to another, it is with a sense of awe that I think of this many people acting on a common goal.


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