Leviticus 23-27

The seventh day is a day of rest for man to worship the Lord.  The seventh year is the year of rest for the land (although crop rotation now doesn’t generally go for seven but is more traditionally four years but can be other periods).  I do not much go in for the history of things but what is it about the number 7 which means it turns up again and again and not just in the Bible?  Many religions make reference to it.  Seven notes on a musical scale sounds harmonious. People talk about lucky seven.  Then again there are seven deadly sins.

Having taken a couple of days to think about it, I still don’t know that I’ve reached a personal resolution to how I feel about the idea of the Year of Restoration.  On the one hand it sounds like a good idea and I wonder why I’ve not had knowledge of it until now and whether it is still practiced in certain circles, on the other hand how does anything move on and evolve if everything is just returned (with a few exemptions) to how it was.  Still time to move on, appropriately to Numbers.


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