Leviticus 16-22

A programme on television this morning was going to discuss whether the Bible was still relevant in today’s world as despite being the most bought book in the world the majority of people now would not take it with them if stranded on a deserted island.  I did not carry on watching to find out what the guests’ take on it was but I guess that this is something I’m trying to discover for myself through this reading of the Bible too.  I have a long way to go but would say that on the whole so far while some is still relevant, much is not.  But then can we pick and choose what is relevant and what is not?  And who gets to make the ultimate decision on that when we can interpret the same words in different ways?

Talking of relevance, in this section I have come across the command not to tattoo yourself yet more and more people have tattoos now and whilst I don’t have one I’m not convinced of any reason why someone who wants to shouldn’t.  The statement that no-one with a physical defect should present an offering to the Lord is again shocking and deplorable.  Just because you don’t fit the ‘normal and perfect’ ideal, why does this make you any less worthy?  This idea of the perfect body and attainment of it has obviously been around for all eternity, and isn’t this worship of self and therefore a false God?  There is no perfect.

My final thought on this section, one of the Lord’s commands is that a man should not take his wife’s sister as one of his wives as long as his wife is living.  Didn’t Jacob do just this and marry Rachel while Leah was still alive albeit that when he married Leah he thought it was Rachel?


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