Leviticus 10-15

This idea of unclean appalls me.  It is divisive, discriminatory, and incites hatred.  Quite frankly, reading it all I wonder if there are many times when I would actually be considered to be ritually clean never mind the fact that I obviously don’t make the offerings to become ritually clean and purified again.

In today’s world where many seem to feel so much peer pressure or from the media and social networks to look a certain way; do things a certain way; like certain things which are just not natural to them, this seems to resonate with me and actually make me angry.  I’ve long known I’m not a sheep.  I am who I am, and while I don’t expect everyone to be the same as me or even agree with me, I do expect people to have the gumption and respect for themselves, to be who they are, and not do and say things just because everyone else is and telling them that’s what they should be doing and thinking.  I want to hear them give a reason for why they think what they think; I want that debate to be open.  It might even change my mind about some things.


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