Leviticus 1-9

I haven’t found anything to learn from this section not being an Israelite who is expected to abide by these commands.  I am puzzled though by why yeast and honey were not allowed to be used in food offered to the Lord.  And this word sacrifice comes up again (many times, and I’m now trying to think when it came to my mind before in a previous post to go and tag it).  When did the word sacrifice transfer from this holy meaning to the way it is, often overused, today to indicate that someone has given up something that someone else can’t conceive giving up because they think it is too important in their own life.  We all have different things we think are important that we don’t want to give up but actually when you think about it are they really that important.  I drive and would consider it a loss of my freedom if I had to give up my car but I could still live: It just may take me longer to get places and it may be more inconvenient for my way of life.  I’m not willing to ‘sacrifice’ that, and thankfully don’t need to, but for someone who has never had their own car they probably wouldn’t think of this as a sacrifice at all.


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