Exodus 25-32

The Lord is very prescriptive and decadent and quite frankly requests some downright weird rituals to someone with todays eyes and living experience.  We’d be committing anyone who demanded these kind of things now.  I can see that the decadence shows something special which is to be revered and respected but on the other hand I find so much wanton waste and extravagance appalling.  I also find it not to be a good example of not worshipping other idols.  In todays world what is actually so different about someone who covets extravagant belongings.

Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always pictured the Ten Commandments to be carved on this big tablet of stone – a myth obviously.  The two stones detailing the Lord’s commands are described as being much smaller, and can be carried.  And they were broken.

My final thought on this section relates to the description of gemstones to be used on the breast-piece for the High Priest: each gemstone to represent one of Jacob’s sons.  Not that I would know if they are in any way equivalent but it brought to mind that to some people today, there are gemstones which relate to the month in which you were born.  In both cases it’s a way of trying to group a set of people together by the arbitrariness of their birth.


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