Exodus 20-24

Not just the ten commandments but many commandments.  It would be impossible to comment on them all.  Some still very relevant in today’s world, some less so.  Some seeming to contradict others, or at least hinting of double standards.  The complexity of laws and the need for some sort of judgement to be given has not changed at all.  Very pertinently given current world events when increasing populations are on the move and in many cases enforced to escape impossible living conditions rather than necessarily through choice, ‘do not ill-treat a foreigner’ is repeated and seems to stick in my mind.

If this wasn’t being read in a religious context, I would question whether Mount Sinai is in fact a volcano and the thunder and lightning, smoking mountain, cloud, and light which looked like a fire burning on top of the mountain is volcanic activity taking place rather than the Lord.  However having carried out minimal research on the internet it appears that while what is now called Mount Sinai has rocks of volanic origin, it is not a volcano its self.  I am no expert though so will be happy to be corrected if I’ve deduced incorrectly.

I note that in my version of the Bible there is indication that this section is also covered in Deuteronomy but rather than jump ahead I will wait until I get there to compare and reference.


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