Genesis 26-31

Should you make a bargain with God for reward in return for your faith as Jacob does in Genesis 28, verses 20-22?  Plenty of people do, even today.  But then someone who does is setting the goalposts from the start and seems suspicious and lacking in faith to me.  If you have faith in something, surely there shouldn’t be any question of bargaining to cement that faith.

I had this vague notion growing up of giving a tenth of income into your household away, whether to the church or charity.  This is presumably where this stems from.  While I do give to charity, the thought of giving a tenth of my household income away is a little frightening.  It would compromise my lifestyle quite significantly when the amount already paid in taxes I can do nothing about; to keep a roof over my head; and to feed and clothe is taken into consideration.  But then this would be faith: If you could give a tenth away without worry about meeting other obligations and still have all the essentials to live.  I guess I’ll lacking that right now and it certainly gives me something to think about.

Most of us know the story of Joseph through Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s musical, but here we have some of the background of family and factions to follow.  And it’s hardly surprising there were factions.


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