Genesis 20-25

I can’t find much to learn from in this section of Genesis.  However, I am struck by the offering of sacrifices.  The word was used a lot by interviewers during the Rio 2016 Olympics when interviewing athletes after their event, and I felt was overused and on the whole in the incorrect context.  In general I found it hard to accept that these Olympians had made many sacrifices at all.  They were doing what they wanted to do.  They had not given up much that they may have wanted to do instead in order to follow their dream.  Maybe they had been unable to be at a family event or that of a close friend because they were training or competing but if they had to give up drinking, eating certain foods, etc., were unable to buy certain material items, was this really a sacrifice at all?  It’s more likely their family have made more sacrifices than the Olympians themselves, giving up their own dreams or amending their own plans.  Being an Olympian takes a certain type of selfishness, and I am not condemning them for this as after all I enjoyed watching them compete, but a sacrifice would be giving up something they loved or their dream for another or others.


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