Genesis 17-19

Marking someone’s body irreversibly against their will is something we would condemn in just about any context in today’s world with Human Rights legislation.  A baby cannot give consent.  It leads me to wonder how their parents justify it to themselves when there is no medical reason for it.  If an adult wants to, then that is their decision to make, but a baby cannot give consent.  Whatever the culture, heritage, reason, whether circumcision, tattoo, piercing, what gives someone the right to change someone else’s appearance to mark them, make them the same and fit in.  There seems to be this preoccupation with conforming to some pre-conceived notion of what is ‘normal’.  What are people so fearful of?  All of us are unique, none of us are the same including identical twins.  None of us is ‘normal’.  There is no ‘normal’.  We are a unique combination of our experiences, knowledge and thoughts.  Yes, we need to be accountable if we harm others, but there are billions of ways to live a life and we should be free to choose that for ourselves.

It struck me after first posting this post, and not being a student of the English language, but does the word sodomy derive from Sodom as mentioned here in the Bible?


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