Genesis 8-10

Life is fragile and precious as it is and we are only here for a short space of time, even if we manage to life to a hundred or more.  Some people would do well to remember that taking a human life is punishable: Punishable with their own life being ended if we go by the Bible here. But then we get into a vicious circle.  If killing someone is punishable by someone killing that person, we would continue into perpetuity.  Taking any life, whatever the circumstances is wrong and I cannot agree that killing someone who has killed is right. There are other forms of punishment.

How did I not know before now that in the Bible a rainbow is given as God’s sign of his covenant with Noah never to flood and destroy the earth again, unless I have been told but forgotten along the way?  We look to the rainbow as a sign of hope and a brightening and change for the better weather-wise.  It’s used as a symbol of hope and joy, and is known more for the supposed golden pot at the end of it than as a sign of God’s covenant. No mention of golden pots or treasure here, just the reassurance that life on earth will continue and not be wiped out by flood.  However we can’t control nature’s forces and who’s to say that a series of climatic events could not conspire to cause complete destruction of the earth we live on at some point whether by flood or other means. Yellowstone could blow and block of the sun’s rays; there could be a mega-tsunami triggered by a mass land-collapse into the sea.  Will this be an ultimate punishment?  In the meantime I’ll continue to live in hope that God’s covenant will stand true.


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