Genesis 3-7

Why should mankind not know what is good and what is bad?  And why with understanding would we feel the need to cover up our bodies, the skin we are born with?  Yes, it’s a necessity in colder climes but small children feel no self-consciousness or embarrassment.  When does this leave us? (And why have I as an adult forgotten when it did but yet I can still remember some aspects of my childhood so clearly?)  Why are we generally quite happy to look at a sculpture of a naked body but yet the real thing is a different matter entirely?  Sometimes, when we grow older, we become comfortable in our own skins again and not embarrassed by our bodies or those of others, but never do we return to as we were as children.  Is this growth and progression as a person?

Punishment for committing evil acts I can understand; punishment for disobedience is a little greyer and it feels like I’m returning to the power thing again as I highlighted in my previous post and who has the right to command or demand. Or maybe it’s more to do with the notion of whether the punishment fits the crime, and whether forgiveness can be given, an ongoing issue in today’s world.


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